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What really makes a great city

When you ask citizens about what really makes a great city, you usually hear responses such as low taxes, quality public services, diverse housing options, efficient business environment, quality jobs, good education and low crime.

While all of these are important to making great cities, there are other elements that just as important.

To shed light on these often hard to measure elements, the next time someone ask you what really makes a great city, consider the following as part of your response:

1. Does your city have the tenacity to rise to the challenge to face social and economic challenges?
2. Does your city’s policy actions embrace change, diversity and is seen as inclusive?
3. Is there a workforce culture within your city which fuels economic prosperity for all?
4. And, does your city have the energy and character of place which signals authenticity?

If you can answer yes to these four areas it’s safe to say your city is on its way of becoming a great city.

Why is this important? In the age of rapid change, it’s critical that cities are aware of the forces that impact their growth and development. Like anything else that does not adapt, cities can become irrelevant.

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