Understanding Interwoven Patterns are Key to Regenerating New Orleans

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Understanding Interwoven Patterns are Key to Regenerating New Orleans

Understanding interwoven patterns of the social and economic challenges are critical for the city of New Orleans reaching its full potential.

As far as American cities go, New Orleans is as unique as they come. Within this uniqueness lie six interwoven patterns which set the city’s context.

These patterns are constrained public resources, crime, limited economy, neighborhood identity, systemic social and economic challenges, and regeneration post Katrina. Understanding these interwoven patterns and how they impact the city are key to setting a vision for the city’s future.

Ignoring any of these patterns can hinder the city’s ability to reach its full potential.

However, of the patterns described, the systemic social and economic challenges presents the greatest threat given its impact on just about every sector in the city.

The problem with this assertion is that depending on whom you are speaking you may get differnt answers. There is no clarity as to what the systemic challenges are. The challenge facing our city is reaching a break-even point where we agree. And in doing so, create strategy which matches the situation to the reality.

Let’s be clear, there are no one shoe fits all solution. But there are strategy frameworks if considered that can set the city on a path-toward comprehensive regeneration.

The four elements I am referring to are: leading with engaged citizens, creating a community vision for the future, developing a safe community, and creating a local policy agenda which aligns resources and supports social and economic growth for all citizens.

If such strategies are implemented, New Orleans can be on a path toward creating an opportunity city which thrives well into the future.

The key is seeing the invisible and building upon that potential. And in the process, strengthen the city’s ability to become more often than not proactive in mitigating its pressing issues.



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